Most People Want to Fail (Or Don’t Know How to Succeed)

Most People want to Fail Blog post photo.jpgIt’s all in how we think. “Oh, I hate my job. I don’t like my boss. I would rather be doing something else.” You have heard it before, if not in your own head, from someone else.

The reason for this negative self-talk is because most people don’t have a plan to get to the place they want to be. We live in a country where we can obtain knowledge and change paths all in an afternoon.

Here are some things to do:

  • Become self-aware – accept your weaknesses and recognize your strengths.
  • Read – read something each day that helps you gain knowledge and get to where you want to be.
  • Build a plan –write down the steps you need to take in order to get to what you truly want to do.
  • Implement your plan – work your plan at night between the end of family time and 1 AM. If you want something, time is not a factor.

Quit wanting to fail and become the success you see in your soul.

Be Bold. Be Brash. Be Strong.


BE BOLD. BE BRASH. BE STRONG…it’s what I tell myself each morning. It’s what I say to myself before I meet with you. It’s not to dominate you, but rather to be the best I can be for YOU. I’m a believer that whatever I tell myself, I will live. I’ll give you an example. I ran track from sixth grade until freshman year in college. I never told myself I was the one to beat. I never told myself that I would be the state champion. And in the end, I wasn’t. Instead, I told myself that I was the number three man. And I was. If I had just told myself that I was number one maybe I would have been.

I came to this conclusion after focusing on my self-awareness for the past seven years. It’s all in what you believe. Change your thinking, change your actions, and you can change your life.

Be Bold. Be Brash. Be Strong.

212 Degrees…The Tipping Point


Everything has a point where change happens. Water boils at 212 degrees, not 211. Most of us want something in our lives to change. Finding a way to make that change is our 212 degrees. How do you find that tipping point? I believe it’s easier than we think. We think too much and don’t take enough action. We must identify the “finish line” or the change and then look back to where we are today.

Here’s an example. Want to have $1,000,000 in the bank in 30 years? Then you need to save $91.32 a day.

When you break things down to their smallest denominator, anything can seem possible. Anything is achievable.

Find the “boiling point” and you will find the change.

The Worst Advice You Will Ever Get…Achievement Over Fulfillment


I was ten years old when he debuted on evening TV. He was amazing. I fell in love with his ability to make me laugh. He went on to become one of the most famous actors/comedians of all time. He won an Oscar for a serious roll, not for comedy, which had made him famous. And then one day on the news they said he hung himself.

After listening to Tony Robbins talk about Robin Williams, I realized the worst advice I could give anyone, especially my kids, is that they need to achieve. That they need to strive for fame or money, or have a big house and drive a Mercedes-Benz. In the end, stuff means nothing. Tony went on to explain that “fulfillment” trumps “achievement.” It made so much sense.

Earlier in the day, a friend had reached out for help. After our talk, I was on cloud nine. I didn’t get any money for my help, but I was fulfilled. I was happy. Helping this person was all I needed.

Later in the day I took the first car I ever had out for a drive. I’m a car guy. The feeling of driving a sweet ride is like the butterflies you got when you saw your first love. I was gone for an hour. I hadn’t felt this way since I got the car in 1985. I was overwhelmed with excitement! I wanted more.

It wasn’t until I was listening to the podcast with Tim Farris and Tony Robbins that it all clicked. I will never be satisfied striving for material items, such as money or fame. I now understand why my priest is a priest and why a husband and wife will adopt ten children. It’s because they get butterflies. They are fulfilled.

It took me 47 years to figure it out. Life is about…butterflies.

In the Blink of an Eye, She Was Gone

grave-image-for-trent-blog-postSeveral years ago, I asked a client, “If your wife died today, can you afford someone to help you take care of your three kids?”

He told me that yes, he could afford to pay a nanny, but it would leave a sizable dent in his finances. The client was very well off. He had a c-suite level job, but the death of his wife would still impact his financial future.

Less in 90 days later he called and asked, “How did you know I would be faced with this? She has breast cancer and I am scared to death.”

Fortunately, his wife is alive and well today. But, the question of “what if it had gone another way” remains. Five years later, after being cancer free, they purchased a life insurance policy for her and eliminated that potential disaster from their financial plan.

You and everyone you know will leave this world eventually. The question is when. Most people ignore this important question. But for some that will not be an option. The death of a spouse is devastating. The death of a son or daughter is devastating. The death of a sibling is devastating. Some people can bounce back, but a lot can’t and don’t. You won’t know until it happens. I know this from experience. My sister died of cancer on December 26, 2014.

The loss of a loved one can be emotionally devastating, but it doesn’t have to be financially disastrous as well. Contact me for a free risk analysis and together we can make sure you and your family are prepared, no matter what the future holds.

You have a baby…now what?


At some point within the first 30 days of having our first child, I asked the question “What the hell do we do now??” Being responsible for another human being can be a daunting task. When you have a tiny human that can’t feed itself or wipe it’s own bottom…that at times is overwhelming!

Recently I have had some friends who have and their first child and some who have had their third child. I got to thinking about what were the things that Ginger and I didn’t do back in our girls’ baby days that would have been helpful? I have found that all parents get caught up in the day-to-day of having children that we forget to take care of some very important items and find ourselves playing catch up later on when they are older.

The following are three action items for new parents or parents with small children. (For now, only three. If I give you the whole list, you will be Googling Smith and Wesson.):

  1. Put your child on your health insurance plan. Typically, you need to add your child on your health insurance plan within the first thirty days from your child’s birth. On some employer plans, you may have 60 days from the date of birth to add the child. Whichever the time period is, you don’t what to be figuring out what to do without health insurance for your baby when he/she does get sick.
  2. Update your wills and trust. Oftentimes this is something that is way overlooked. Making sure there is plan for your child, but also care of your family if you or your spouse were to prematurely pass away, is vital. A few things you will have to decide when drawing up a will and trust:
    1. If both you and your spouse were to pass at the same time, who would become the guardian or your child(ren)?
    2. Is there life insurance on the parents and who is the beneficiary of the life policy? Consider opening a trust at the passing of the second spouse’s death and fund the trust with life insurance. With a trust, you can set stipulations on how the children are to be cared for and how the money is to be spent or distributed if the children are over 18 years of age.
    3. You will have to elect an executor of the estate. This person needs to be organized and reliable. My sister-in-law is the executor of Ginger and I’s estate. She is extremely organized and I know she can take care of all of the details.
  3. Purchase life insurance on BOTH parents. The fact is, we all take a dirt bath at some point. Hopefully later than sooner. But in the case of an early passing of one of the parents, life insurance does come in handy. Having an adequate amount of life insurance is key. I use the basic rule of 5%. By taking each parents income and dividing it by 5% you will come up with a rough estimate of how much life insurance you’ll would need to replace each parent’s income. Example: If you make $50,000 year and divide it by .05, you will come to $1 million dollars. That is the amount of insurance needed for that person. If both parents make $50,000 per year, you would need $2 million in coverage.  Now that does not take in account inflation, but it is a good rule of thumb. ONE VERY IMPORTANT ITEM TO CONSIDER! Even if one of the parents does not work, you need to insure that parent’s life. Sadly, I have seen it in the past. The mother dies, she doesn’t work and now the father has to hire help. A good nanny is going to cost upwards of $50,000 a year with salary and expense. Wow! That’s a lot! Consider Term Insurance for the first 18 years of the child’s life and permanent for life time insurance.

That wasn’t so bad, right? Easy compared to nighttime feedings and dirty diapers.   These are items that once you have implemented them, you don’t have to come back to them but every three years or when you have major changes in your family dynamic. If you would like to have the full list of things to consider, email me at A good financial advisor can assist you on a lot of these planning items. Everyone should have a financial advisor…even a financial advisor.

Happy parenting,


A balanced lifestyle? Oh please!

I read more and more articles about creating a balanced lifestyle.  For some reason, most people I meet are usually business owners and they have no recollection what balance is. It seems that they’re trying to achieve it but they seem to come up short again and again.  Falling short, so often, most people end up only frustrated.

So I have a different approach for you…Why not just eliminate lifestyle balance out of your formula for happiness?

Let’s imagine that we eliminate balance out of the life equation, we replace it instead with passion and focus.  No longer needing to be concerned with balance, let’s intensely focus on passion.

Do you remember when you first fell in love with a significant other?
You wanted to be with them all of the time.
– You thought about them constantly.
– Life revolved around them in every way.

When you are truly passioniate about something instead of someone, it is the same. You think about it all the time and you find ways to do that activity that you love.  Your passion can be your business, your family, your spiritual beliefs, or even having the best yard in the neighborhood. Passion is something that encompasses you.  It fills you up.  Doing what makes you passionate sustains you and gives you deep fulfilling energy.

Find something to become passionate about if you haven’t already.   I am interested to know what you pick.  Message me.  I would love to hear.

New business  – Children – Church – Old hobby –
New hobby – Spouse – Friendships – Philanthropy –
Retirement -Traveling – Education – House – Career

Let’s consider focus.  Focus is when you clear everything else out of your head and you place all of your mental emphasis on one thing.   Focus is the ability to cancel out the cheering crowd and focus on the batter in front of you. Some call it “the zone”.  Let’s just call it focus.  Focus can be difficult especially in our fast-paced world but it is so effective when you can harness it.  To truly be focused, it requires you to pay much less attention to things that are not important.  This takes discipline.  With focus, you can achieve.

Now for the sake of simplicity, I suggest hyper-focusing on three things in life and seeing what you can achieve.

Family – Business – Spiritualness