Community = Business

tagIn today’s world, marketing and growing your business is very different than in the past. Today, we have the opportunity to add value to millions of people for pennies on the dollar.

Instead of marketing effectively, we tell all about ourselves. We project what our company sells, how we are the best…me, me, me, me! In today’s marketplace, consumers can find “you” all over the place. Consider instead, of marketing how you can add value.

Share ideas on how to better do what it is you do. If you’re a home store, give your audience tips on decorating, kid proofing their homes or DIY projects. After you have given value three or four times, share what you do and how you add VALUE.

By adding value, you will add to your community. Build the relationships within your community and you will grow your business.

Let’s stop being self-centered and FOCUS on the customer.


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