Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 3

Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 3

shutterstock_129885815From Idea to Post –  Building a Process For Your Calendar
With the structure in place from my previous two parts of this series, you need now to focus on coming up with the great ideas to write and post about. For some, this may be the toughest part. Very important to remember: Content is KING! You have to bring great ideas that are bold and interesting. Ideally, you your topic should cover one of these four following focuses:

  • Information (Give facts and details readers don’t already know but want to know)
  • Analysis (Explain issues or problems to readers in a way they can understand)
  • Assistance (Help readers with some problem or help them achieve something)
  • Entertainment (Make readers laugh, think or enjoy what you are sharing)

If your content does not fall in the above categories, go back and re-write.   Brainstorm with others if you need to.

I recommend that you build 30 days’ worth of content. If you struggle with building content or you’re a big researcher / fact finder, you may get held up on a subject. You need to give yourself plenty of time to develop high quality content. If you have a month’s word of posts banked up when you start and if you are consistently adding to that data bank, you will never end up stressed and frantic to find something to present to your audience.

Get an editor! This is an outside person who edits your work, challenges you and pushes you to develop you best work. I find this very important since I am not the best speller. Find someone organized and also someone who will be honest with you. If you write something bad (and everyone does from time to time), you need someone who can feel safe telling you to scrap it.

You now have the framework to build a consistent flow of content and a social media calendar. The next step is to GO FOR IT!!

This concludes this series on social media marketing. I will be having many more informational posts for business owners looking to take their business up a level. Be sure to take a minute to subscribe to my blog: TAGLivingLoud.grinkmeye

If I can help you develop your business, please reach out to me at . I would love to talk to you one-on-one about your specific issues.


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