A balanced lifestyle? Oh please!

I read more and more articles about creating a balanced lifestyle.  For some reason, most people I meet are usually business owners and they have no recollection what balance is. It seems that they’re trying to achieve it but they seem to come up short again and again.  Falling short, so often, most people end up only frustrated.

So I have a different approach for you…Why not just eliminate lifestyle balance out of your formula for happiness?

Let’s imagine that we eliminate balance out of the life equation, we replace it instead with passion and focus.  No longer needing to be concerned with balance, let’s intensely focus on passion.

Do you remember when you first fell in love with a significant other?
You wanted to be with them all of the time.
– You thought about them constantly.
– Life revolved around them in every way.

When you are truly passioniate about something instead of someone, it is the same. You think about it all the time and you find ways to do that activity that you love.  Your passion can be your business, your family, your spiritual beliefs, or even having the best yard in the neighborhood. Passion is something that encompasses you.  It fills you up.  Doing what makes you passionate sustains you and gives you deep fulfilling energy.

Find something to become passionate about if you haven’t already.   I am interested to know what you pick.  Message me.  I would love to hear.

New business  – Children – Church – Old hobby –
New hobby – Spouse – Friendships – Philanthropy –
Retirement -Traveling – Education – House – Career

Let’s consider focus.  Focus is when you clear everything else out of your head and you place all of your mental emphasis on one thing.   Focus is the ability to cancel out the cheering crowd and focus on the batter in front of you. Some call it “the zone”.  Let’s just call it focus.  Focus can be difficult especially in our fast-paced world but it is so effective when you can harness it.  To truly be focused, it requires you to pay much less attention to things that are not important.  This takes discipline.  With focus, you can achieve.

Now for the sake of simplicity, I suggest hyper-focusing on three things in life and seeing what you can achieve.

Family – Business – Spiritualness

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