Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 3

Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 3

shutterstock_129885815From Idea to Post –  Building a Process For Your Calendar
With the structure in place from my previous two parts of this series, you need now to focus on coming up with the great ideas to write and post about. For some, this may be the toughest part. Very important to remember: Content is KING! You have to bring great ideas that are bold and interesting. Ideally, you your topic should cover one of these four following focuses:

  • Information (Give facts and details readers don’t already know but want to know)
  • Analysis (Explain issues or problems to readers in a way they can understand)
  • Assistance (Help readers with some problem or help them achieve something)
  • Entertainment (Make readers laugh, think or enjoy what you are sharing)

If your content does not fall in the above categories, go back and re-write.   Brainstorm with others if you need to.

I recommend that you build 30 days’ worth of content. If you struggle with building content or you’re a big researcher / fact finder, you may get held up on a subject. You need to give yourself plenty of time to develop high quality content. If you have a month’s word of posts banked up when you start and if you are consistently adding to that data bank, you will never end up stressed and frantic to find something to present to your audience.

Get an editor! This is an outside person who edits your work, challenges you and pushes you to develop you best work. I find this very important since I am not the best speller. Find someone organized and also someone who will be honest with you. If you write something bad (and everyone does from time to time), you need someone who can feel safe telling you to scrap it.

You now have the framework to build a consistent flow of content and a social media calendar. The next step is to GO FOR IT!!

This concludes this series on social media marketing. I will be having many more informational posts for business owners looking to take their business up a level. Be sure to take a minute to subscribe to my blog: TAGLivingLoud.grinkmeye

If I can help you develop your business, please reach out to me at . I would love to talk to you one-on-one about your specific issues.


Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 2

Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 2

Deciding how often you tell the world!!!
As I detailed in yesterday’s post, consistency is the key to marketing. You can see that dedicated consistency with companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, Levi Strauss, Toyota. They are marketed on every venue but they stay focused on their target market. To succeed at social media marketing, you will need to do the shutterstock_234077779same. Depending on who you are marketing to, your audience will be heavily on some social media outlets but not on others. Knowing who your audience is and where they spend their time on the internet is pivotal in your marketing success. For more info on this, be sure to read: “Who Is Your Audience? Targeting Your Prospect with Sniper-like Precision”. Email Jennifer at for a copy of our white paper on targeting the right audience.

Once you have decided who your target audience is, you need to find where “they live on the internet” or what social media sites they frequent the most. To find that out, you will need to research. Any time you spend on this research will definitely payoff in results. #Google is your best place to start researching. Are you wondering what to look for on Google?… Look at my wife’s company as an example. Ginger creates #ChristianArt. She sells all over the world but her art has a specific audience – Christian females ages 25 to 55-years-old. Where do they “live”? Social media demographic research shows that most Christian women in the target age group use Pinterest and Facebook. That same audience is starting now to populate Instagram. Bingo. That is the information needed. Ginger knows that she has three media platforms to focus her marketing toward. Next to figure out is how often to post.

  • Facebook: 3-10 times per week
  • Twitter: at least 5 times a day
  • LinkedIn: 2-5 times per week
  • Google+: 3-10 times per week
  • Pinterest: 5-10 times per day
  • Instagram: 2-3 times per day

If you read the above list and wondered to yourself how you could possibly keep up with all of that content and posting, know that this is where staying simple and focused comes into play. Start with your audience and where most of them “live”. For Ginger, Facebook is actually where most of her potential clients spend their social media time. Pinterest is next and then Instagram. Ginger focuses 80% of her attention on Facebook until she can develop enough content to support Pinterest’s 5 to 10 times per day posting effectiveness schedule. Remember, this a long road. Stay consistent and focus. The results will not be immediate but if you do your homework, get organized and start posting smart, you will see results.

Checkout tomorrow’s post, “From Idea to Post. Building a Process For Your Calendar”.

Rock on!!

Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 1

Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 1

shutterstock_193510067You are most likely reading this on one of many social media outlets on the internet. Social media marketing has become the most effective way to target your prospective audience. As an added benefit, it’s the most cost-effective, second only to referral marketing. If you are operating a business and not using social media to market, you are missing a huge opportunity.

To take advantage of this great marketing method, you need a strategic plan to get the maximum results. The two keys to a successful social media campaign are  #content and #consistency. In this three-part series, we will address both of those topics.

Calendar   If you’re like me, you live by your calendar. It tell us where to be and what’s most important and when it needs to be done. The calendar can aid you to build a strong #socialmedia campaign.

Workflow, Motion of the Ocean

To build an effective calendar, you need to create a process for:

    1. Who develops #content: My business partner Valerie ( ) and I have developed a system that works for our company. Like us, you may have multiple people creating content. Having a calendar is essential to our content flow. Each one of us has a different focus so our development of content happens at different times. The calendar keeps us on track for consistency and timing. It also makes each of accountable for what we are supposed to create and when.
    2. Who edits content: If you read this post before Jennifer got her hands on it, you would be upside down trying to figure out what I was trying to say. Any great writer, blogger or business person has an editor. Jennifer has that role in our company. She reads, edits and organizes each post. Without her reading and tweaking our posts, we wouldn’t portray ourselves the way we want to be seen to the world.
    3. Who is Captain of the #Calendar: Jennifer is our “Calendar Captain”. Jennifer edits, organizes and posts our content. She keeps us on track for consistency and continuity. A Calendar Captain will keep your flow of content consistent. There are apps available for organizing and scheduling your posts, as well. Since we all have a main calendar through Outlook and to avoid confusion of using two calendars, we use one calendar for everything. Consider if you would benefit from adding another calendar or just operating from the one you use already.
    4. Who decides what content goes to which social media outlet and when: This is an editor / creator decision. Not all content belongs on all platforms. For example, if you are creating content for a young audience like my daughter does (, LinkedIn is not going to be the best audience. Instead, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat would be more appropriate targets. For more info on this topic, be sure to read: “Who Is Your Audience? Targeting Your Prospect with Sniper-like Precision”. Email Jennifer at for a copy of our white paper on targeting the right audience.
    5. Finding or creating awesome images. A picture is worth a thousand words: Include an image with each post. Make it something relevant to your topic. Make sure it’s clear and well-done. Be careful about copyrighted images.   Using a stock photo website can be very beneficial.   Websites like have thousands of high-quality images you can use for a small fee. When posting photos of yourself or your company, quality does matter.   Having your grandmother shoot your business photos, unless she is a pro, isn’t a good idea. Remember images and photos on the internet represent you to the world.
    6. Posting: Schedule and post to the world. I recommend developing a month’s worth of content before posting the first time. By doing this, you get ahead of the game. Creating content for a month also keeps you consistent. When writing for the month, try to keep the same theme. Randomness sets you back and makes you look like scattered and unfocused.

Above are the first steps to creating a calendar and getting your workflow organized. Check back tomorrow for the second post of this three-part series.

Rock on!!!

15% of your brain…So how are you using it?

Science has determined that we only use 15% of our brain. I ibrain-graphicmagine what it could be like if we used only five percent more of our mental energy.   The things we could do, the accomplishments we could achieve –  they all could be amazing.

Cures for diseases, world peace, even greater technology – Who knows what we as humans could accomplish?

But if we are all only using 15% of our brain, how are we using it?

From the many relationships I’ve had, people I am surrounded with, the people I read about, how I see the world stage acting, I asked myself, “of that 15% of the brain we use,  how much of it is positive and how much is negative? “

You hear people talk about how much more they could be or how much more someone else could be. I believe 15% of our brain is not being maximized to bring us to our fullest potential, but rather to sabotage our fullest potential.  We use our brain to find excuses, to find reasons why we can’t do something or why we should put it off.  We find a way to sabotage our own success.

So let’s change the direction we use our brain. let’s use 20% to sabotage our success and 80% to create our success. Practice that for a week.  Focus on creating success.  For example: You want to lose weight.  Use 80% of your brain power to focus on not eating a heavy carb diet or focus on getting up early in the morning and walking around the neighborhood.  Concentrate on the task of doing 10 burpees and 50 sit-ups. Instead of procrastinating calling prospects, pick up the phone for 30 minutes and cold call. When asked to do something distracting, say “no”. Take the initiative to just focus on what your goal is and do it for a solid week.

A balanced lifestyle? Oh please!

I read more and more articles about creating a balanced lifestyle.  For some reason, most people I meet are usually business owners and they have no recollection what balance is. It seems that they’re trying to achieve it but they seem to come up short again and again.  Falling short, so often, most people end up only frustrated.

So I have a different approach for you…Why not just eliminate lifestyle balance out of your formula for happiness?

Let’s imagine that we eliminate balance out of the life equation, we replace it instead with passion and focus.  No longer needing to be concerned with balance, let’s intensely focus on passion.

Do you remember when you first fell in love with a significant other?
You wanted to be with them all of the time.
– You thought about them constantly.
– Life revolved around them in every way.

When you are truly passioniate about something instead of someone, it is the same. You think about it all the time and you find ways to do that activity that you love.  Your passion can be your business, your family, your spiritual beliefs, or even having the best yard in the neighborhood. Passion is something that encompasses you.  It fills you up.  Doing what makes you passionate sustains you and gives you deep fulfilling energy.

Find something to become passionate about if you haven’t already.   I am interested to know what you pick.  Message me.  I would love to hear.

New business  – Children – Church – Old hobby –
New hobby – Spouse – Friendships – Philanthropy –
Retirement -Traveling – Education – House – Career

Let’s consider focus.  Focus is when you clear everything else out of your head and you place all of your mental emphasis on one thing.   Focus is the ability to cancel out the cheering crowd and focus on the batter in front of you. Some call it “the zone”.  Let’s just call it focus.  Focus can be difficult especially in our fast-paced world but it is so effective when you can harness it.  To truly be focused, it requires you to pay much less attention to things that are not important.  This takes discipline.  With focus, you can achieve.

Now for the sake of simplicity, I suggest hyper-focusing on three things in life and seeing what you can achieve.

Family – Business – Spiritualness

“Mom, you’re spreading the peanut butter too thin! “

pbjI remember my Mom making peanut butter sandwiches for us for school lunches.  When times got tough or tight,  I noticed that the peanut butter thickness on the sandwich would get thinner. I would always ask my Mom, “Please put more peanut butter on.  That’s the best part.”

I think we often times spread the peanut butter way too thin in our lives.   Whether you are running kids to camp or to practice every day and trying to juggle managing your household or trying to handle a job and then create and build relationships within your family or outside your family,  doing so much is costing you way too much. We can’t continue to spread ourselves so thin because in the end, nothing really comes of it.  We’re not on our best game and we don’t achieve what we want to.    Instead we end up wasting a lot of time.   Someday we will look back and say to ourselves begrudgingly, “What did I do with all of my time?”

Don’t waste your time focusing on trivial things that will honestly will not matter in the long-term future.  Rather focus on the things and the people that will matter.

Spread the peanut butter thick.


Time is the only form of measure that we exist.

Without time we don’t LIVE.


Recently I was inquiring about trading in my car due to the amount of mileage I keep adding to it each month.  I still want the same brand, model and so on.  I just need to upgrade my seats do to my lower back issue.  While in Destin, I stopped by the dealer and told them my story and asked for a trade-in quote.  They said they could accommodate me and would let me know what they could offer and give me a call when the have a price.  While I was there they told me about the new version of my car model that they have coming in in 3 weeks.  I said I was interested, just give me a spec sheet and price and I’ll look over it and let them know what I want to do.

Now I think I am pretty clear…1) sell or trade my old car 2) buy the same model 3) just give me the facts.  Now, I understand that the procedure is to get you in the seat and hard-sell you.  BUT, in this case there is no sale to be made.  I’m sold!  I’m going to do this!  What do I get from the sales guy via text?  Come on in in the next day or two and we can sit down and talk about it…WHAT?

I had dinner with a friend a couple of weeks ago.  My friend brought a friend of his with him who owns a specialty clothing store.  We were all talking about the economy and potential recession and my friends friend makes this statement…”I could survive a two-year recession by living on the income of eight of my top clients.”  I looked over to him and asked flatly,  “HOW?!?!”  He explained that Steve Jobs wrote about it in his last book…It’s all about “Time”.  Respect a persons time. He went on to say if you can demonstrate to the client you respect and realize that TIME is valuable to them and tailor the relationship to that fact, then they will be customers for life.

If you are wanting to provide a service or product to a higher clientele, focus on their time and you will win customers.  Don’t waste your time and never waste their time.

The Class Clown…You Always Remember Them

The Class Clown…you always remember them

TAG5Who was it?
We all had one in school…I married one.
We most likely remember them first before anyone else.
Getting attention is what the class clown did so well.
As a business owner,
as a sales person,
we are trying to get the attention of our prospective client. When we market on social media, we are trying to get attention. Views are one thing.

TV commercials are views…but what do we do when a commercial comes on? We fast-forward through it or look at our phone, IPad or laptop.

When marketing on social media,
Focus on getting ATTENTION!!!!
Forget the view count!!
Focus on the viewer remembering your company.